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6Whips Mini Suede Flogger

Regular price $72.00

This Mini Suede Flogger features a Spanish calf leather handle, with suede leather tails. It's got beautiful balance, and, offers a discrete size for travel, or, for reaching those yummy hard-to-reach places!

Suede is a luxurious and supple material that offers percussion without a great deal of bite. That being said, the thin cut of the tails do still offer some sting from this toy. Further, don't be deceived by this small flogger - it's not the size that matters... it's how you use it! This flogger is fantastic for anything ranging from intense to mild play, and, is well suited for all levels of experience. 6Whips, an indie company based in Hamilton, Ontario has stolen our hearts with their gorgeous high quality leatherwork.

Tail Length = 14”
Handle Length = 6"
Overall Length = 23"