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Army Of Lovers

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A Community History of Will Munro

The much anticipated Army of Lovers from Sarah Liss is so much more than a mere biography of Toronto artist and activist Will Munro. Instead, Liss enlists Will's friends, co-conspirators, and family to tell the story of Will Munro's life and legacy. From his acclaimed and controversial underwear art to leading the queer exodus from the gay village to queer west, Will Munro not only revolutionized queer Toronto but also created the spaces in the city where the revolution itself could thrive. Whether you read this book for the early 2000s nostalgia, to learn about Toronto's queer history, or because you miss Will, Sarah's book will both satisfy and leave you wanting so much more Made in Canada.

By Sarah Liss, 157 pages, 2013. Published by Coach House Books.

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