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Aslan Leather Vegan Stealth Harness

Aslan Leather Vegan Stealth Harness

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This vegan harness is a quality minimalist option for folks looking for alternatives to leather! This harness is made out of a specialized material (lycra with a polyurethane core) praised for not slipping, and being very thin and durable. As such, it's full of possibility for any harness play, or for trans / genderqueer folks looking for a pack and play harness! Convertible between two-strap (jock style) and one-strap (g-string), and especially good for dildos with testicles! BPA and phthalate-free!

Medium fits approximately 26"- 44"
Large fits approximately 36"- 56"

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Specifications for Aslan Leather Vegan Stealth Harness

  • Vegan: Yes
  • Made of Rubber
  • Made in Canada
  • Ring Diameter: 2"
  • Weight: 180g
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Phthalate-free: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A.D. (Quebec, Canada)

A quick and easy to use harness!

L.H. (California, United States)

great quality, comfortable, and holds up well!

M. (Quebec, Canada)
Just perfect!

Good grip, easy adjustments and soft surface. Great product!

Great harness. Well made; very comfortable; very easy to clean.

Great harness. Well made; very comfortable; very easy to clean.

Would buy again.

Awesome vegan harness!

Awesome vegan harness!

S.B. (British Columbia, Canada)

I bought this harness a while ago, and wanted to come back and review now that I’ve been able to really test it out over a long period of time.

The good: It’s a great harness. It’s super sleek and very lightweight, it almost doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. You can swap out the o-ring to accommodate a wide range of toys, and that flexibility is combined with the fact that I’ve never been worried about a toy slipping or shifting. In my experience, it’s been durable throughout casual use and will likely continue to last me years.

The bad: Like others have said, it’s quite fiddly, which can take you out of the moment. I also wish that it came in a smaller size. While it fits me, the straps are long enough to be distracting unless you tuck them in on themselves (adding to the fiddlyness), and I don’t feel comfortable cutting the vegan leather like I would regular leather.

Overall, a really solid purchase that I don’t regret - especially at this price point!

High quality, a bit of work

We use this harness all the time! It's sturdy and well-made, and the metal parts are unintrusive and don't poke you when you wear it. The material is a bit tougher and less supple than real leather, but I think it's easier to clean and maintain. My only gripe is that any adjustment to the harness can take a bit of time and tinkering. I often have to help my partner put it on if we've had to adjust any of the straps, in order to make sure it's fitted correctly and to avoid it falling off, pinching, or not holding a toy in place. A more traditional harness would probably have been easier to work with, but this one is wonderfully discrete and stylish. ;)

S. (British Columbia, Canada)
size matters

I wish I'd bought a smaller size - large fits me but if I have a smaller partner, there aren't enough holes for them to adjust to their size. more holes please! It is not as secure as others I've tried.

Sleek and versatile but doesn’t hold up like the leather ones

As a long time fan of Aslan products and a more recent vegan-ish consumer, I was excited about this. The harness is super discreet for pack and play, can accommodate all kinds of diodos or packers, and can be worn either jock or g-string style.

My only complaints are about the vegan leather itself. Initially I was stoked about how soft it felt, but it’s quite rigid. As a trans guy, wearing it jock-style was quite uncomfortable as the straps can rub and feel like they’re about to scissor off your bits. Which did happen with one dildo, where the straps actually cut into the base and almost cut off one of the balls. Overall the harness has held up well, but about three years in the vegan leather is starting to crack and is very sharp when it does. I think I’ll be switching back to the regular leather but this style has definitely served me well !