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Classic Gaff Thong Panty

Classic Gaff Thong Panty

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Finding clothing that is sexy and supportive is no easy task. Doubly so when we're talking lingerie. This Canadian made thong-style gaff has been made out of lycra with a wider front to provide extra coverage and support for all those looking to tuck- whether you identify as trans, genderqueer, MTF, a drag queen or panty aficionado, we've got just the panty for you!

Measurement at hip:
Small: 28-30"
Medium: 32-34"
Large: 36-38"
XL: 38-42"

Check out Origami Customs for cheeky and hipster options.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A. (Manitoba, Canada)
Classic Gaff

It's cute and it fits well. Tucks away things great, even provides a smoother look even without tucking.

Gaff happiness

Have been wearing your product for more
than 10 yrs now and am very happy with the result.Keeps the pink bits nicely tucked away....Cheers

Cute & Practical

Great gaff for all kinds of folks who tuck. It’s a cute yet simple design, and it does an amazing job at keeping your bits in place. Highly recommend.

K.K. (Ontario, Canada)
Comfy and works!

The material feels fine, everything fit snugly but comfortably despite being my being large-framed. Would definitely recommend it!

D. (Ontario, Canada)
Good gaff, but a bit short on coverage

I know this is a thong gaff, but I found it didn't have quite enough side-to-side coverage. Maybe my inguinal canals are abnormally far apart? Great pressure, though, even when doing roller derby!