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Girl Sex 101

Girl Sex 101

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Girl Sex 101 is a sex-ed book like no other, offering helpful info for ladies and lady-lovers of all genders and identities, playful and informative illustrations on each page, and over 100 distinct voices, plus a hot narrative that shows you how to put the info to good use!

Learn how to navigate the twists and turns of female sexuality, with special guidance from thirteen guest sex educators including Nina Hartley, Sex Nerd Sandra, Jiz Lee, Dirty Lola, Julia Serano, Reid Mihalko, Sunny Megatron, and more!

Girl Sex 101 will teach you...

  • The bits and pieces that make up female sexual anatomy
  • Simple ways to communicate in the heat of the moment
  • How to build a Road Map of your partner's pleasure
  • Essential moves for cunnilingus, strap-ons, hand sex and more!
  • Positions to avoid fatigue and generate the power you need to rock your woman's world!

You'll gain confidence to please your girl, no matter what your hands-on experience. Buckle your seat belt and get ready to ride!

Specifications for Girl Sex 101

  • Author: Allison Moon & KD Diamond
  • Pages: 375
  • Publisher: Lunatic Ink
  • Year: 2018
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780983830900

Find in-store: Books > Better Sex > General Guides > LGBTQ
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Customer Reviews

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V.C. (Ontario, Canada)
Surprisingly Trans-Inclusive & Full of Great Tips and Techniques

My girlfriend picked up this book recently. I’ve been ‘at this’ a long while, but for her sex with woman-identified folks is newer. I sat down to flip it through it early in our relationship and was delighted to discover the easy writing style, the helpful hand-drawn images, and the amount of content that is specific to sex and pleasure with girls who don’t have vulvas! We both do have vulvas, so I haven’t tried those techniques, but I LOVE their inclusion and the warm easy way this was written into the book.

Overall, as a long-time ‘practitioner’ of girl sex, this book covers a lot of great territory; good for the beginner and intermediate lover 🤩 and as an experienced person in this area, I still really enjoyed reading through aspects of it, learned a few new things, and found it made a great tool for talking about sex, sensuality, and consent with my new partner. Highly recommend.

**i wish I could speak more to how this book reads with respect to disability, and to racialized bodies. I’ll be honest, if I owned it myself I’d make a point to know this. As a white person of settler-colonial descent who generally pays attention to intersectional aspects of identity and embodiment, who does experience mobility and cognitive challenges, nothing stood out to me. But then, like I said - I have some cognitive challenges and one of them is my memory!! 😆 based on the overall *tone* of this book I imagine that the writers probably did a good job in this regard as well.