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Head Coach Penis Pump

Head Coach Penis Pump

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We think pumps are wicked fun sex toys, and this affordable, entry-level pump is a great way to discover the joys of suction! While the Head Coach is designed specifically for penises, you can use it anywhere you find erectile tissue. Use with a little lube around the opening for a better seal, and never pump for more than 30 minutes in one session (or stop if you experience discomfort or pain). No pump (or pill or spray) will make anyone's junk bigger, but it will cause a (harder) erection and it will enlarge you while you use it. Add a cock ring for even more fun and staying power!

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Customer Reviews

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D. (British Columbia, Canada)

Great toy for for anal play. Having my asshole sucked is a delight of sensual pleasure. Using a thicker lube (Sutil Rich) for good seal, I pump til the rosebud blooms. 🌸 In addition to feeling wonderful, it’s good exercise for the sphincter / kegel muscles. It’s so hard to resist.

C.C. (Quebec, Canada)
It SUUUUCKS (positive lol)

I gotta t-dick and the trans pump was sold out but I really wanted to try pumping and this was a great intro. Honestly, I tried it dry, as in no lube, at first and I was like.. okayy, it's fine. BUT THEN! I read the instructions, added lube all around the entrance, and immediately I had solid, hard vacuum-sealed suction haha! There's a bit of adjusting to make sure it was all dick no hole lol but it worked great and felt/looked pretty great too seeing my dick growing in the tube >;) The quick-release button works perfectly and cleaning is pretty simple. I'd say just use water base lube, I tried an oil-based lube and the suction wasn't AS good but all around this buddy is a 10/10.

s. (Ontario, Canada)
Isambard Kingdom Brunel knew all about vacuums as well

but Head Coach puts them to pleasurable use in it's conservatively priced, easy to use and durable model!