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Healing Painful Sex

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Unwanted pain during sex is a very common experience that is often brushed aside and rarely publicly addressed. Unfortunately, many doctors are ignorant about disagnosis and treatments. Some doctors may find it difficult to talk about pain during sex or are outright offensive to patients seeking their help. Thankfully, gynecologist Deborah Coady and patient/grief concellor Nancy Fish have collaborated to create this amazing resource "Healing Painful Sex." A great resource for both patient and doctor, this book details a variety of possible causes of unwanted pain during sex, demonstrates which diagnositic tools you should ask for during a doctor's visit, and suggests possible treatments. With supportive first-hand accounts of women's experiences of healing, this book breaks down the silence around women's sexual health so that healing can begin. By Dr. Deborah Coady (MD) & Nancy Fish (MSW, MPH) 400 pages, 2011. Published by Seal Press.