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Human Pony

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For those who dream of training their very own human pony and folks who would love to set their inner equine run free, The Human Pony is the must-have guide. Filled with glossy pages of great human ponies at play and all dressed up, as well as personal stories of pony and trainer experiences, The Human Pony is chock-full of great information for those kinky folks out there wishing to delve into the realm of human equestrianism. Ponymistress Rebecca Wilcox introduces different types of pony play (including cart pulling, training, show ponies, fox hunt, rodeo) and includes information on finding (and creating) the right equipment and tack, as well as basic training methods for gaits, positive reinforcement and cart-pulling. Wilcox recognizes that everyone's vision of human pony play will be different, and thus her suggestions for training, even planning and scene development are the perfect starting points for great horse-play!

By Rebecca Wilcox, 160 pages, 2011. Published by Greenery Press.