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Glyde Flavoured Latex Dam

Glyde Flavoured Latex Dam

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What's better than a latex dam? A latex dam that doesn't smell or taste like latex! Available in a wide variety of delicious flavours, everyone's favourite barrier comes in vanilla, strawberry, and wildberry.

Each latex dam measures 6.5" x 10" and is made of super thing, silky soft latex. Perfect for all sorts of sex play, but especially designed for cunnilingus and anal rimming, safer sex with a latex dam has never been more fun or delicious.

All of Glyde's safer sex gear is vegan too!


Specifications for Glyde Flavoured Latex Dam

  • Made of Latex
  • Phthalate-free: Yes
  • Latex-free: No
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thin and functional

Having never used these before I was a bit wary of what they might feel and taste like, but my partners and I are all very pleased! So thin, flavour is nice but not overpowering. Dams are great for people with clitorises that are extra sensitive, the barrier gives a nice layer of protection!

Safe than sorry

Always have one by my bed just in case

Regarding Dental Dams in General

In all honesty I haven't used this specific brand of dental dams before, but I just wanted to give a review in support of dental dams in general. There is very little discussion that talks about oral/genital STI transfers, and they aren't really a sexy thing. Protect yourself against the spread of disease with dental dams - they are super cheap and easy to use.