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Liberator Fascinator Travel Throw

Liberator Fascinator Travel Throw

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This plush throw is designed to be used to keep things clean(er) on the sheets! Both sides of this blanket are a soft plush microfibre and a moisture barrier sewn between these two layers keeps your bedding (or kitchen floor!) clean and spotless while you’re in the throes of passion. Machine washable - hang to dry recommended. 53" x 36"
Also available in full size. Also, consider the organic cotton and round The Layer

Specifications for Liberator Fascinator Travel Throw

  • Made in USA
  • Waterproof: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A. (Quebec, Canada)

Incredible throw! While I've managed to help my partner experience squirting in the past, the Liberator throw allowed her to completely unwind and gush like a fountain. The throw effortlessly soaked up everything. It's a decent size, but I plan to also acquire the larger version.

C. (British Columbia, Canada)

If you’re wondering go ahead and get it. Great size small enough for travel but big enought to be effective and so so soft. Softest one i’ve used yet

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Love love love

These throws are absolutely awesome! They're soft and smooth and have such good absorption. Great to throw on the bed, squirt, and then toss in the wash.

Useful, High Quality Product

The product works as advertised. I’ve experienced no leaks whatsoever, and it’s been exposed to a wide variety of messes so far. It has washed up nicely each time I’ve had to clean it.

The description says one side is a silky satin, but mine has the microfiber on both sides.

I've found it to be very useful. I think a lot of people would find it to be very useful as well.

This size was good for me, however, I’d recommend taking a look at both sizes and deciding whether its worth it to spend a little more to get the larger one.