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The Layer Waterproof Throw

The Layer Waterproof Throw

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The Layer is an extraordinary, sexy layer of material designed to protect sheets (or whatever is underneath) during sex. Whether saving linens from ejaculate, menstrual blood, or other body fluids, the Layer is up for the task!

This indie-made sex blanket is a circle (you can never lay it down incorrectly!) that is 34" in diameter (it initially is 40", but will shrink after it's first wash), lightweight and shockingly compact when folded up. It's truly ideal for travel, or for keeping life as minimal as possible!

This throw is sewn in the USA, and the fabric is also produced in the USA. It has been waterproof tested for up to 300 washes. One side features organic cotton fleece fabric, and the fabric content for the blanket is 70% cotton, 15% polyester, 15% polyurethane.

Wash as gently as possible, and hang to dry.

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Customer Reviews

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M.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Good blanket

I’ve had this blanket for 3 years and it’s been great for my period and sexy time. It has been perfectly waterproof until just recently so I’m going to buy another. It is still fine for small amounts of liquid unfortunately not for large amounts anymore. It’s a good size and pretty comfy for a waterproof blanket.

R.H. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Perfect size, easy to clean

This little blanket looks small but is actually the perfect size.

Super easy to toss in the wash, and looks great after a number of uses!

L.P. (British Columbia, Canada)
Game changer

This product has been a complete game changer. After much trial and error, I have not come across something that preforms to this level. I was skeptical at first, especually with it being ao small. But after over a yr of solid use, I can say with comfidence - the layer is unmatched.

K.K. (Ontario, Canada)
No Stress Mess

This takes all any worry of making a mess away. Comfortable and easy to clean, too!

K.F. (Alberta, Canada)

Buying another one to keep at my partner's house!! Even though this is so convenient to carry around, it'll be nice to have two, especially to have an extra because it usually takes a lil while to hang to dry. My partner and I have been in awe at this because it's so thin yet absorbs TONS of liquid, like an amount you wouldn't expect it to absorb. Super amazing purchase and am more than happy to buy another - thank you to Come As You Are for stocking this!!!!

S.H. (Ontario, Canada)
Resilient and reliable

I have the potential to make SO much liquid during sex, and this blanket has always been able to catch all of it without any trouble. It's easy to wash, comfortable to be on, and not too bulky so it's easy to transport. I'm genuinely thinking of getting another because it's great!

E.M. (Ontario, Canada)
Life (and sheet) Saver!

Gone are the days of going through every towel in my linen closet in just one week! I used to need a least 2 if not 3 towels anytime I wanted to get busy with my partner, but this blanket soaks up an incredible amount, doesn't leak, is easy to clean, and still feels sexy - no plastic sheets needed.

A.J. (Ontario, Canada)
Not my go to pad

I release a ton of liquid every single time my partner and I have sex, so that means I need to use a clean waterproof blanket basically every day. I have had this pad for a year andddd I wanted to LOVE this pad but unfortunately it's not my go to.

it's so slim, so I can toss it in my bag and bring it anywhere!

It's big enough to fit under me and catch most of my mess.

It's not that hideous looking so I don't have the weird "ahhhhh here is my puppy pad" feeling when I take it out, and it feels soft on my skin, and after a year is still soft.

It can soak up an amazing amount of fluid. When it's full of liquid it's not that wet to the touch or dripping and I can just toss it off the bed if I'm extremely lazy (or in orgasmic bliss)

It's pricy! I have three rotating blankets and this is the most expensive ones, the others are just $30 pads from amazon.

It can smell gross if you don't wash it before 24 hours, and you need to wash it on hot and you need to put it in the dryer foreverrrr.

Because it soaks up such a GREAT amount of liquid - which I appreciate- it takes forever to dry after washing. I can't imagine having this if I didn't have access to laundry.

So i basically keep turning to my ugly 30$ amazon pads that wash/dry better than this one.

O.P. (Ontario, Canada)
Does the Thing!!

A life (and sheet) saver! This blanket makes regular appearances in the bedroom and shows up every time. It's soft, comfy, fold-uppable, easy to clean, and very waterproof! Plus it's easy to pull out in the heat of the moment due to it's size - it is in no way unwieldy but is big enough to cover the important zones. We're really happy with this blanket!