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Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator

Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator

Dimensions: 6.5" x 1.5"

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The Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator brings you all of the silicone stylings of a silicone dildo like the Fun Factory Magnum and all of the powerful vibration you've come to expect from a rechargeable vibrator!

This vibrating dildo is also touch sensitive! The touch sensitivity of the Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator means that as the toy ventures deeper into the body (or hand, etc) the vibrations will intensify with the movement.

Enjoy this USB rechargeable and waterproof vibrator strapped onto your fav strap-on harness, or all on it’s own. It features 10 different vibration and pulsation modes, plus a touch sensitive technology.  Oh, and the base is a suction cup! Really, there’s just so much going on with this rechargeable dildo cum vibrator.

Specifications for Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator

  • Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Firm
  • Vibrator Sound Level: Vibrator Loudness Rating: Quiet
  • Vibrator Strength: Vibrator Strength Rating: Strong

  • Made of Silicone
  • Made in China
  • Insertable Dimensions: 6.5" x 1.5"
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Phthalate-free: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
  • Harness Compatible: Yes
  • Anal Compatible: Yes
  • Charger: USB
  • Power Source: Rechargeable
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Uhhh..... wow. Let's just say we were so happy with this we broke our first one with so much vigour.

Uhhh..... wow. Let's just say we were so happy with this we broke our first one with so much vigour. Don't get me wrong, it's very durable, we've been using it frequently for over a year and it works like brand new. The button sometimes clicks against the harness changing the vibration pattern while in use, but that's a minor inconvenience at worst. The vibration gets strong, it's pretty quiet (but you won't be), and such a delightful size. The touch sensitive part is something you never knew you wanted until you've tried it. Will love this vibe to the grave.


I'm a trans man and this is my favourite toy that I own. It does exactly what the description says. It has different vibration settings, and it does get more intense the deeper it is, which I really like. The charge lasts a long time too.

While it is on the bigger side, after using a smaller toy before I used it, I had no problems, and now I prefer its size, making it my favourite. If this is your first toy, I would maybe go with something smaller first. I highly recommend it though if you've had practice, and it's great to use even without any vibrations.

Absolutely worth your money

I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews, this thing is amazing. I just wish I found it sooner so I could have saved money on other toys. The vibrations are nice and rumbly with a good base setting that only gets better from there. The charge time is decent and last for about an hour or so, depending on how you're using it. The slight curve and blunt head are very, very nice details as well ;)

All in all, I would definitely recommend this.

Check the Sizing

Was looking for something with a flared base that vibrated and didn't have any weird gimmicks and also didn't have an overly realistic phallic look, and this was the only thing out there after much searching. I was probably a little over excited to finally find something, and didn't realize that this thing is BIG. So it hasn't ended up being my go-to toy after all, but it's been super fun in its own right as a size play thing.

If you're interested in this for anal as I was, you should take into consideration that to increase the vibration, it has to be inserted in the body past a certain point, which has been no problem and very fun vaginally, but doesn't actually work properly anally. Past the rectum, there's just nothing clamping down on it, and annoyingly, the vibrations can't be controlled manually so there's no way to bypass this. Fortunately, though, the first level vibrations are actually decently strong already so I don't feel like I'm missing out /too/ much. It's a really nice, rumbly vibration that I wouldn't have expected from Cal Exotics (it looks like they're trying to create a sub brand to sell "premium" products with this Luxe label?).

Also note that unlike other stiff silicone toys, this do not bend AT ALL, and the outside layer is a very nice satin silicone covering but immediately under it's just straight hard. The suction cup works remarkably well, have had 0 issues with it even after giving it a few good tries for its money.

A bit too much

Just a little too big and a little too firm for regular use, but every now and then it is excellent.

Nice but a little too much

This is probably not the thing for a novice like me. Occasionally it is excellent but mostly it is way too hard :S

It's a lot...

I was so excited to find a vibrating dildo with some girth and this toy had no trouble measuring up - it's BIG! And, be warned, it's firm - unlike other silicone toys this one has absolutely no give (because the shaft has a motor throughout).
My biggest issue with this toy was the vibe. In theory, I liked that the it increases with depth, but in practice IT'S A LOT. I wish there were the option to set a fixed intensity.
If you're someone who likes consistency, this toy may not be for you, given the changing vibration intensity.
That said, it's been great to use simply as a firm dildo (without vibration), or even externally as a vibe. The look and quality is supreme. I love that it's waterproof & rechargeable, and that it can suction to the shower wall or fit easily into a harness.

TL;DR Great quality, nice features, but some key flaws re the vibe options.

Kind of complex and quite big

It's complex or sometimes frustrating to use as there's no way to manually control the vibrations. If you like a more random feel the this might be okay for you. I've had issues with the suction cup sticking to the wall. But it's fun to use while giving your partner a bj.