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NYTC Jack 2-in-1 Stroker

NYTC Jack 2-in-1 Stroker

Dimensions: 2" x 1.5"

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This packer cum stroker is a creative new offering from the gender expansive wizards at New York Toy Collective. Jack is made with the same soft silicone as New York Toy Collective's classic Archer and Pierre packers. The shaft is hollow, which means it can double as a realistic stroker. The interior of this stroker is ribbed and offers a fun suction sensation for anatomy at least 1/2" in diameter. It can also stretch to accommodate larger anatomy. The interior of this packer is approximately 2" long and 1.5" wide. The external length of the stroker is approximately 3 1/4" long and 1/2" wide.

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Specifications for NYTC Jack 2-in-1 Stroker

  • Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Soft and Squishy

  • Made of Silicone
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 2" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 104g
  • Phthalate-free: Yes
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Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
no regrets

Really happy with this as a stroker/suction toy. On me, the fit/suction isn't strong enough that I can "pack" while nude. I don't own a packing strap, and find this a bit awkward/too stiff in regular boxer briefs, which is not to say it is stiff, just that underwear is not enough to keep it positioned and looking good as a packer. This was my first foray into packing, suction, and strokers; what better place to start than 1 toy that offers it all?

V.V. (Madrid, Spain)
Awesome first packer

This is the first toy ive gotten for my bottom growth and i love how it just lessens my dysphoria immediately
Also good first packer cause it's pretty small so the bulge is not huge and intimidating

C. (Ontario, Canada)
Ok, this slaps! It's nice.

My anatomy is shorter (I'm only half a year on T) so I tend to find that sometimes you have to basically stick this on you & then put the shaft higher up in your underwear & grind on it. However! It's a great little toy. I don't know about using it as a packer - I just use a cheapy one normally that's a big bigger & more floppy - but it certainly does its job in terms of the 2nd part of the 2-in-1!

If you have medium sized anatomy - bigger tdicks tend to struggle in this department if you're a long time on T - this will definitely be your friend. I have the blue stroker from another store but it's not very textured - this one from NYTC deeefinitely solves that problem. It has lots of little ridges inside that will def be fun when I have more bottom growth.

Thanks CAYA!

Better than expected!

I've used this several times now for solo and partnered sex, and it has not disappointed! I'm pre-T but even so with using the NYTC pump was able to get some suction (enough to be "hands-free" so long as we didn't tug too hard) along with a very healthy dose of euphoria! I'm a bigger person, and it seems a bit small/awkward as a packer to me, but it's super soft and comfortable. Thank you NYTC!

F.M. (Ontario, Canada)
Fun :-))

I have experienced a little bottom growth after about 5 years on T, and while i'm not quite big enough to get the most out of this toy without pumping it's still fun in combination with a wand / vibrator at the right angle!

M. (British Columbia, Canada)
Not quite right for my body... sadly.

Too many years on T and a naturally larger physiology means I wasted my money on this guy. The hole is too narrow for me to fit — even after I try loosening it up. Makes a passable packer but at this price that is not enough to justify purchase.

If your parts are smaller you might get a good insertion and grip, but if your clit is a mini-dick likely better to look at other strokers.

Too bad — I love the visual and tactile effects of this one! Nice and realistic and soft. Interior ridges are definitely more pronounced than some other toys, but I would have been ok with that!

Excellent packer, okay stroker

It has a great size and softness that makes it extremely comfortable for packing - small enough it doesn't make a huge bulge, soft enough it doesn't feel like a boner. I usually use a packing strap with it so it doesn't shift around.

For masturbation, it's a little trickier. For the record, after bottom growth on T my dick is around 1-1.5" long. It's hard to get much of my dick inside because the opening is very narrow, and as I use it it tends to fall off over time. Maybe my labia are blocking it too much? The ridges inside are a little sharp and sometimes too intense, even with lube. I enjoy using it, but it takes some effort to get it situated correctly.

On the occasions where I successfully attached it firmly, it was really cool because I could just leave it there and, essentially, pack while naked. The color isn't a good enough match for it to look completely right, but it feels good.