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Njoy Eleven

Njoy Eleven

Dimensions: 11" x 2"

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The folks at Njoy Toys have given us their biggest package yet! Njoy's Eleven is eleven pure inches of stainless steel sexiness just waiting to be unwrapped. This double-headed dildo has a smooth end for fun times and a ridged end for a more extreme experience. We see a bright future for size queens seeking the ultimate in g-spot and prostate play. Comes complete with sexy leather storage satchel.

Specifications for Njoy Eleven

  • Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Hard As Rock

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 11" x 2"
  • Weight: 1270g
  • Phthalate-free: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
  • Anal Compatible: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Fantastic Product and Excellent Customer Service!

Product is exactly as described and very fun! Large and not for the faint of heart but there is definitely a reward for those which take it on.

Highly recommended and fantastic service from Come As You Are, as usual!

i.M. (Ontario, Canada)
Legendary Status Well Deserved

If you are curious about this toy you probably already have a pretty good idea at what it’s like. It has a palpable presence and heft which demands attention. As much art as toy.

Smooth, weighty, and unyielding. Just on the outside edge of manageable. Definitely not an “every day” thing for most, but when the mood is right there is nothing else that does what this toy does.

The Njoy Wand is perfect and can satisfy just about anyone who needs very firm and direct stimulation. If you’re new to stainless toys then that’s where to go, but if you have been using the larger end of that and are looking for something MORE - Eleven is indisputably that (albeit less precise and much more filling).

J.S. (Texas, United States)
It is worth the money!

This is legit. It probably weighs 4 lbs. It has 2 thicknesses it is my wife's go to every time!

G. (California, United States)
Hard and unforgiving

My partner can’t always take the larger end, but when they can it’s incredible to watch. Only small motions are needed due to the weight.

E.A. (Ontario, Canada)
Mind blowing feel

I’ve only been able to use the smaller end of the eleven. It feels incredible when my partners use it on me. For times when I use it myself I just move it around whilst it’s in me and it hits the right spots. Super easy to clean. Delicious heavy feel. Doesn’t fail to impress partners! Love it. 😍

J.K. (Minnesota, United States)
Huge and perfect

Love it, works like a charm and makes you feel powerful. The weight is as intense as the size.

B.F. (British Columbia, Canada)
1.2 kilos of steel

It's big, it's solid, and polished smooth. With a touch of lubricant this toy will slide into you or a partner and they will most certainly know it. (Assuming you/they are relaxed, experienced, and sufficiently warmed up of course.) Being unyielding steel it translates the slightest movement into pressure against your particular sensitive spots. If you've always used softer toys (silicone or rubberized equivalents etc) the solidity and weight of this thing will likely make you giddy. (I certainly felt that way!) The feeling of this hefty object smoothly sliding into you propelled by its own mass is quite literally spine tingling.

Heartily recommended. You can take it and love doing it.

PS: This thing is over a kilo of stainless (anecdotally I think it may be cored with a lighter metal to avoid being absurdly massive) which means it has the thermal mass OF OVER A KILOGRAM OF SOLID METAL. It will take a bit to warm up.

r. (Ontario, Canada)
this is the way

if you've ever wanted to dickride the mandalorian, here's your chance. metal daddy here is hefty in both weight and girth, so not for the faint of hole. but for the size regents among us, the weight here offers some really incredible sensation and pressure that is really not replicable with any other toy. the head is only slightly bigger than the blush elvira, but the steel is totally frictionless in ways that silicone or fists are not. the shape of the toy also means that the ridge, while pronounced, does not feel poky. so if you like a lot of sensation but are easily irritated, this is a great choice. i lusted over this toy for years and it was worth the hype.

Big and good.

Big and good.