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NYTC Trans Masc Pump Pro

NYTC Trans Masc Pump Pro

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Go pro with the NYTC Trans Masc Pump Pro! A significant upgrade from the classic NYTC Trans Masc Deluxe Pump, the "Pro" comes with the same three differently sized cylinders as the Deluxe, but comes complete with a powerful rechargeable electric pump. Perfect for anyone who finds manual pumping to be a pain - just press a button and the NYTC Trans Masc Pump Pro does all the hard work for you.

Designed by and for queer, transmasculine, and non binary bodies, this pump increases sensation and stimulation to the genitals. New York Toy Collective has created this unique wide-flanged cylinder designed for comfort and long term use. It was essential that the product be usable with for many body types. The result was a custom translucent cylinder and a rechargeable pump with quick release that is shockingly comfortable to use.

Inside the box of the Transmasc Pump you will find three acrylic cylinders, a pump, tubing and an optional ruler decal to track erections or growth. New York Toy Collective did not incorporate the ruler as a permanently embossed feature on the cylinder because they know not everyone wants to measure their growth or see the measurement every time they pump... We really value this philosophy!!

The cylinder has a wide flange for comfortable use - the wider flange helps distribute the pressure across more surface area and eliminate any pinching or biting sensation as suction is applied, unlike nipple pumps that have virtually no flange.

We suggest using a lubricant with the pump to increase blood flow and reduce friction. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the flange, and especially if your genitals are large enough to fill the cylinder when pumping, you may want to lubricate your anatomy. That said, applying lubricant on genitals when using the pump is optional.

Learn more about pumping here!

The Trans Masc Deluxe Pump kit includes a 2" x 1" cylinder, 3" x 1.25" cylinder, 4" x 1.25" cylinder, and one rechargeable electric pump with a release valve.

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Specifications for NYTC Trans Masc Pump Pro

  • Made of Acrylic, ABS
  • Made in China
  • Insertion Dimensions: 3" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 118g
  • Phthalate-free: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
K.N. (Alberta, Canada)
Dysphoria Destroyer

The utterly THRILLING experience of using a pump for the first time and seeing my dickclit fill up a cylinder is impossible to describe and absolutely priceless. Seeing something more than bottom growth physically be there, but still attached to me, has made me reconsider bottom surgery for how much of a difference it has made to my wellbeing.

So, as you may have intuited, wicked fun for solo play.

M.S. (Ontario, Canada)
Great pump!

This pump was good to use before T, but after a little bottom growth this went from good to great! Super easy to use, easy to clean and a joy to use. I would recommend this to anyone interested in its effects.

R.B. (Ontario, Canada)
excellent overall, with one caveat

purchased this a few weeks ago and have pretty much fallen heads (ha) over heels in love with it. this was my first proper pump and the feeling of it took some getting used to, but once i got adjusted to the sensation and figured out how i preferred to use it, it worked like a dream for me in terms of the actual use and results.

as a note though, im a fat guy and the flanges on the two larger cylinders are wide enough that they press into the sides of my labia majora above and around the clitoris while pumping, which can get pretty uncomfortable, and can make it difficult to keep a consistent level of suction.

overall, im still really happy with this pump and will continue using it with enthusiasm, but i figured it was worth it to point out that issue, especially given how little attention is paid to fat transmascs in a lot of queer spaces

h.c. (Ontario, Canada)
Joint pain in your hands while using pumps? This thing is your friend! (100% worth-the-cash upgrade)

If you happen to be in the venn diagram of people whose joints in their hands/wrists/etc struggle with the previous manual design of the NYTC trans pump, I would greatly recommend this upgrade. The con is that it's a little heavy and ungainly due to the shape of the motor (think a really big thin soda can that you have to keep your fingers tightly around at times while making sure you don't let go of a button) but the switch from needing to pull the lever on the old pump vs having to hold a button down is much better. PSA to prospective buyers: Do not be silly like I did and turn it on without holding the release button down (I was fine tho)! Always hold the pressure release button when you turn this thing on and *then* increase pressure from there, not the other way around. Also, always be conscious and try to make sure that lube doesn't get on the buttons or affect your grip on the controls for obvious safety reasons (this thing is frighteningly powerful in a good way!). 12/10, I appreciate this thing, and CAYA, very much!

C.W. (Ontario, Canada)
Fantastic! Absolutely recommend.

This pump is so wonderful, it's easy to use and feels great. It's also well made, the cylinders are smooth, the charging port is located inside the end of the pump, you just twist off the cap and the port is right there. It's also nice that the pressure release is independent of the suction, because you can press the button to briefly interrupt the suction and then let go to allow the pump to keep going. Highly recommended, if you know pumping is something you're interested in this is worth every penny.

M. (Quebec, Canada)
Efficient and safe pump

The pump is minimalist but performs well. Use with lube.

Great product

Affordable, super easy to use, and lots of fun. Both my partner (not on T) and I (on T with a decent amount of growth) are able to comfortably and effectively use it. I love that there's a product designed explicitly for us, and it works great. Heightens sensation and makes everything so deliciously sensitive!

Easy to use, well built

This is extremely easy to put together, easy to use, and easy to clean. I'm happy with it and it works well.

My one issue is the width of the cylinder. It's a bit wide for my size and that means a bit more difficulty getting a good seal. I knew based on the given measurements that this would probably be the case.

Gender affirming HOT instrument

It's my first pump and it feels great. Price is a bit much but for the quality, it's worth it.