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Okamoto Crown Single Condom

Okamoto Crown Single Condom

Dimensions: 190mm

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Okamoto Crown condoms are one of our most beloved and sought-after condoms. They used to be the condoms with the thinnest latex around - Okamoto has outdone themselves with the Okamoto 002 condoms and Okamoto 003 condoms - but Crown's popularity persists because it is such a great condom with a good fit.

Made of a special latex the manufacturer calls "Sheelon", Crown Condoms are an ultra-sensitive condom with a feel. Each condom is lightly lubricated with some silicone lubricant - although not enough to harm cherished silicone toys.

Specifications for Okamoto Crown Single Condom

  • Condom Length: 190mm
  • Material Thinness: 0.046mm
  • Made of Latex
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight: 1g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
C. (British Columbia, Canada)
Gold Standard for anyone wanting stuff nicer than 'drugstore' options

As someone who consistently failed to orgasm/ejaculate with standard condoms, the thinness and taut fit of the Okamoto Crown makes safe sex so much more enjoyable.

Do beware that there is functionally no lubrication, so you'll need to source your own.

The cost is a bit high, but due to import rules regarding them, you're unlikely to see them any cheaper within Canada.

Fave condom!

CAYA got me hooked on this condom years ago, and I can't use anything else.

It was so snug that my partner could not even get it on.

Although this condom has received raved reviews in many men's magazines and websites, I found the summary here to be wrong. It was so snug that my partner could not even get it on. It could be one bad apple in the batch since I've never seen a condom so tight.