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Okamoto 002 Non-Latex Condoms

Okamoto 002 Non-Latex Condoms

Dimensions: 170mm x 52mm

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Said to be the thinnest condom in the world, the Okamoto 002 Non-Latex Condoms are unbelievably thin. Coming it at 20 microns, these latex-free condoms are made of resilient polyurethane which allows them to be even thinner than the thinnest latex condoms.

Made in Japan, Okamoto condoms have always been one of our most beloved condoms, and we're so pleased to have a better selection of their condoms beyond the classic Crown Condoms.

While most non-latex condoms are made of polyisoprene these days, polyurethane condoms actually predate polyisoprene. Polyurethane condoms are the only condoms that are compatible with silicone-based lubricants, water-based lubricants, AND oil-based lubricants.


Specifications for Okamoto 002 Non-Latex Condoms

  • Condom Length: 170mm
  • Condom Width: 52mm
  • Material Thinness: 0.02mm
  • Made of Polyurethane
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight: 1g
  • Latex-free: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
W.H. (Louisiana, United States)
NO Taste NO Smell

Best condom hands down, remarkable product

D. (Alberta, Canada)


My partner and I use condoms as our form of birth control. As a result, we’re both extremely picky and have also tried nearly every condom out there. This is the first condom where I honestly thought that it had broken and felt like I wasn’t using one. My partner wasn’t too happy when I kept pulling out to check, but I was so sure…

We had tried polyurethane condoms before and weren’t fans, but these are phenomenal. No latex smell, ultra ultra thin, amazing heat transfer, and fit really well. They are hands down better than any other condoms we’ve used.

If you use condoms, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give these a try.

G.L. (Quebec, Canada)
Perfect sizing, but it's thickness just causes me anxiety

The sizing is great, but since the condom is so thin, I was always checking to make sure it was still on and it just made me anxious. I'll stick to slightly thicker condoms from now on.

Z. (Quebec, Canada)

I use condoms as contraception not only for STIs, but also to prevent pregnancy. I have used these condoms twice, and both times the condom broke during penetration. It is indeed very thin, but absolutely not elastic, and I suspect that's why it broke. I'm not at all satisfied, and I find that for less money, the Okamoto 003s do a much better job with much more comfort and security.

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