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Oxyd Creations Bike Tube Harness

Oxyd Creations Bike Tube Harness

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Montreal-based Oxyd Creations have brought a new level to the universe of DIY bike tube harnesses. Also to detailed harness descriptions. Check out what they have to say about this stunning harness: The exterior of this harness is made from recycled bike tubes, sourced from Montreal's bicycle co-ops. It is lined with soft black felt, which overlaps onto the front so the edges are all soft as well. Between the felt and the bike tube exterior, there is cotton canvas, which reinforces the tubes and gives the harness solidity. The tubes are easy to clean, and the straps, which are bare tube against the skin, grip well to your body while still being soft and comfortable. The back of the harness is decorated with recycled bike chain and a gear.

The harness can be adjusted to fit hips measuring 28.5"to 53" - there are adjustment rings in the front and back, through which you pull the tube straps to tighten. The straps are really long for adjust ability, but you can easily shorten them, simply cut the tube straps at the desired length and melt the ends of thread with a lighter .

Your toy is held in place with a silver o-ring in front, which is easily removable with snaps. The harness comes with two sizes of rings - 1 1/2" and 2" (inner diameter). The straps which hold your ring in place pass through the front panel, allowing you to pull through the length you need to fit around any shape of toy base, making this harness perfect for dildos with balls, unusual shapes or wide bases. The harness is also compatible with larger rings, you can interchange with any other diameter of ring you may have.

And finally - this harness can be turned upside down and worn as a bad-ass corset top. So the idea is, you wear this on a night out, and then when that cute person you've been eyeing all night compliments your sexy top, you invite them home to show them what else that top can do....


Specifications for Oxyd Creations Bike Tube Harness

  • Made of Rubber
  • Made in Canada
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
2 years later, still obsessed

Zero regrets on this purchase. It looks and feels great (whether you're wearing it in fashion or 'function' modes), fits my 3xl hips comfortably and also works on my smaller partner, and you can switch out the O ring to fit larger toys. The grippy rubber makes it a little tough to adjust on the fly, but the very good tradeoff is that the straps don't loosen at important moments

C.J. (Ontario, Canada)
My most cherished sexy possession

Best harness ever.

M.H. (Manitoba, Canada)
I've had this thing for like 15 years.

I've had this thing for like 15 years. I made the mistake of cutting the tube straps back when my body was different, maybe don't do that because it really lasts!

Makes you look hawt and it's a great statement piece for flagging down other sexy bike punx.

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Dream Harness

Being plus size it was so nice finding a quality harness. Easy to adjust and stays in place. Very soft bike tire "leather" that I'm more than happy to be recycling. Love that it has a little piece to keep the dildo base from touching your skin. The shirt aspect is fun, too!

C.R. (Ontario, Canada)
Checks all my boxes, including sustainability.

When I saw there was a strap-on harness made from recycled materials, I couldn't say no. And the rest of the harness turns out to be great too: fully adjustable, easy to clean, made of comfortable stretchy materials that still hold everything in place, and well-designed for different toy options.

The only thing I'll caution about is that if you're very slim, then the bike chain detail may be uncomfortable because it doesn't bend. But I only noticed that when wearing it around my 34" chest like an underbust (any slimmer and I would have been annoyed at the lack of wrap around my torso). Fits great around my comparatively ample booty though.

Best harness I've ever owned <3 Super easy to clean up, super sexy, super functional.

Best harness I've ever owned <3 Super easy to clean up, super sexy, super functional. The rubber allows for a nice amount of (comfy!) grip on your skin so nothing slides or loosens out of place. The two rings it came with have been compatible with all dils I've used it with so far. Gets a lot of compliments, too ;)

This harness checks all the boxes

I absolutely love this harness. As a vegan-punk, transmasc slut this harness was made for someone like me in mind. Seriously, the aesthetic is fucking great.

It's super comfortable and because it's so adjustable you can really get it to fix exactly how your body wants it to fit. And it's so easy to clean!

I havent worn it as a corset, but my partner has and it looks great/is apparently super comfortable for an entire evening out on skin.

It's a bit time consuming to get it on and I'd recommend having your toy in place before stepping into it. It bothered me at first, but my the 3rd time wearing it I settled into a groove and I just cant argue with HOW adjustable it is. My body has changed shape a couple times since I got it and I've never noticed a difference with how this harness fits me.

nothing about this thing isn't perfect

Come As You Are's shipping is not only remarkably discreet but blazingly quick; while living in the GTA helps the latter, my order arrived in three business days, in unmarked packaging, with a thank-you note and a tiny complimentary bottle of Sutil lube.
The size for sale here goes up to 53", but Oxyd Creations does make one for hips 40-60" that this site would happily order in for you. If you need something larger, contact the makers and they'll create it.
The handmade nature of this product means every piece is unique. Mine has a gorgeous blue stripe along the corset portion, and the accent gear is dark enough to blend into the rubber at a distance.
The felt is soft and luxurious while clinging to your body just as well as the rubber straps do. The adjustable nature of the harness means your toy can be as high or low as you like; if desired, the front driver pad can even be removed entirely, for use with something like Number One Laboratories' BJ dildo.
It's lovely and well-made enough to be mistaken for Aslan Leather. Converting it between harness and top requires readjustment no matter your body, and excess straps can be wound around those in use or simply left to hang.
Due to the nature of the adjustment rings, the harness can be fitted far more accurately than those with a belt buckle style, but is a little hard to loosen on your own while on. Taking it off or having a partner do it bypasses the issue.
It's just perfect!!

A.T. (British Columbia, Canada)
Heavy, smells like rubber, durable

This thing sits SO WELL and fits my curvy hips and large bum! It’s not the best for travel as it add a TON of weight to luggage and it also has a strong rubber smell that hasn’t gone away over 2 years of ownership. That’s the nature of the materials I guess! I love how sturdy and structured it is and it feels SEXY and of course eco friendly. The strap sits in the perfect place and never budges even for anal.