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Packer Gear Boxer Brief Harness

Packer Gear Boxer Brief Harness

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This is a beautifully versatile packing strap! It features a snug, stretchy (and comfy!) design - great for keeping a packer in place! It has two installed pouches designed to hold one-touch bullets in place. The O-ring can hold packers up to 1.5" wide.

Med/Large fits hips approx. 26" to 36"
Large/XL fits hips approx. 30" to 46"

Specifications for Packer Gear Boxer Brief Harness

  • Made of Cotton
  • Made in China
  • Weight: 84g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
R.N. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Good first option

First harness! Not compatible with the Little Buddy I dildo I purchased (the base is too small), but works well with other dildos.

M.P. (Ontario, Canada)
Really great product

These boxer shorts are snug enough to not move and my partner much prefers this harness to leather ones that have the O ring exposed, as this one doesn't pinch for them. I find that I can maneuver well with a variety of dildos. It's comfortable to sleep in, too, if I fall asleep after sex. The boxer-style window sleeves on the back can easily be moved aside for a double-play toy, or kept in place for a dildo. It saves a lot of time adjusting straps pre-sex, too. This is my go-to harness now and I've purchased a few so there's always a clean one on hand! I'm a 38 pant size, and the L/XL works well for me - slightly snug but in a comfortable way to allow for great control.

My fav harness

I'm like the goldilocks of harnesses, they've all kind of been not-quite-right (straps are too loose; straps cut into my sides; too many straps and velcro bits to feel sexy) but I LOVE these ones.

Simple, comfy and discreet under pants so I can wear them out and then, when things get sexy, I'm already set to pop in a toy - no fussing with straps!

Supportive and comfortable

This is the first time I've bought a harness. It looked and felt great. I moved around a fair bit -- standing/walking, sitting, and lying down -- and my slender Vixen Spur dildo stayed where I wanted it. Based on how well it held the dildo in place, I am confident that it would be effective for partnered play as well.

I bought the Large/XL. I have 39" hips, and the fit on first use is indeed snug, but very comfortable. It feels snug as in secure, rather than snug as in too tight!

The washing instructions on the tag: hand-wash cold, hang to dry. No ironing, no bleaching, and no dry cleaning.

E. (Manitoba, Canada)
Great for packing

I've only worn these boxer briefs for packing and they're great for that job! There are 2 inner panels, and the middle one has an elastic loop to hold a packer in place (around the balls). It's very secure and comfortable. I don't really like that the ring acts as window to the packer. Also the material isn't the highest quality; the shorts get a bit saggy after being stretched out during wear. Neither of these complaints affect the functionality, though.

Didn't work for me!

I bought this pair of boxers with the intention of using it for sex and to pack (with a penis prosthetic) but sadly, these boxers aren't tight enough to hold any of my toys properly.

And I haven't packed with them because if I put the prosthetic (Mr.Limpy and another similar one that's a bit longer) through the hole, it looks too much like a boner in my pants. And if I don't put the prosthetic through the hole, it just ends up falling inside my pants because the inside doesn't have a pouch. There's just 2 little "curtains" on the inside. I guess it's made that way so that if your toy has something to rub or insert your junk in, it would be accessible.... but it's not practical for those using packers.