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Science for Sexual Happiness

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A Guide to Reclaiming Erotic Pleasure

From the Publisher: This book shows how new scientific understandings of the brain and nervous system can guide us in creating expanded sexual happiness. With accessible theory, real-life stories, and over 100 evidence-based practices, you will learn to:

  • unwind the effects of trauma and neglect, and feel safer in your skin
  • use neuroplasticity to feel more pleasure
  • create a ‘sexual happiness feedback loop’ with your own neurochemistry
  • integrate body, mind, spirit and emotions
  • understand genital anatomy and sexual reflexes
  • rewire relationship patterns
  • cultivate and communicate desires
  • feel more excited arousal and relaxed enjoyment
  • explore the science of sex and spirit

By Caffyn Jesse, 182 pages, 2016. Published by Skyhorse Publishing Inc.