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Sexual Intimacy For Women

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Dr. Glenda Corwin presents this important book for those of us in same-sex (mostly long-term) relationships who feel like they would like to reach a deeper level of intimacy, or to re-spark a flame that was once alive. It is written in an easy to read, accepting and positive style, focusing on many issues such as why one might experience lack of desire (from body issues and sexual abuse, to aging and infidelity). The second half of the book provides the reader with techniques on how to improve their relationship, without being preachy or step-by-step instructions "guaranteed" to help. The goal is to educate and expand ideas of why this is happening, creating dialogue within the relationship and working together. Throughout the book, the author gives solid anecdotes from years of leading workshops on sexual intimacy in same-sex relationships, helping the reader to be able to relate and feel like they aren't the only one going through these experiences.

By Dr. Glenda Corwin, 288 pages, 2010. Published by Seal Press.