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Sliquid Silver Silicone 4.2oz

Sliquid Silver Silicone 4.2oz

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This silicone lube is all silicone, all the time. With no additives, you’re guaranteed a lubricant that won’t dry out, and is great for sex play, massage, or both… even in the hot tub or shower! Great for folks with chemical sensitivities, but not compatible with silicone sex toys. Try it with a metal or glass toy!
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Specifications for Sliquid Silver Silicone 4.2oz

    Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol

  • Base: Silicone-based
  • Paraben-free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Condom Compatible: Yes
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 150g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Sliquid lube

Looooove this lube. Does everything I need it to do, never fails. And a little goes a long way. Will repurchase

A. (Ontario, Canada)
good stuff

My wife and i (especially my wife) have found this to be the best lube around. It's not too thick or guppy and lasts a lot longer than most. It’s great for massaging and other things as well. . .

C.G. (Ontario, Canada)
awesome lube!

I had only ever used water based lubes before this one - this one is awesome!! long lasting and doesn’t get gluey or sticky. like other ppl have said, the bottle isn’t ideal but i can deal with it!

V.C. (Ontario, Canada)
Post-surgical scar therapy!

I’m a researcher in medicine so I read a lot of sciency stuff. I have read lots about silicone scar tape and gels to promote healing after surgery. Following my own top surgery, I picked up a bottle of this stuff to try it out on my scars. It contains the three different types of medical grade silicone in products marketed for scar therapy (but only one variety of each, instead of two varieties of each). I loved it. It felt great going on, and I think helped to soften and even out some the scars. Excellent alternative :)

Not to be used with silicone toys obv - so don’t eff that up. Also - don’t spill it on your floor. You will slip forever no matter how much you think you’ve cleaned it all up.

D.C. (Ontario, Canada)
new to lube

I needed lube to perform some internal exercises for pelvic floor dysfunction, and had never used lube before. I tried this in a sampler pack and found that it worked great. I've used it several times now and have not experienced any irritation at all. It lasts quite long, so that gives me peace of mind when I perform my stretches.

D.L. (Ontario, Canada)

I was hesitant to switch from a water-based lubricant, as vulva owners are typically more likely to get an infection from silicone-based lubricants. However, my experience-so far- has been quite positive!! It’s far more long lasting than water-based, and doesn’t get nearly as tacky, and has a very mild taste!! Highly recommend!! The bottle does get a bit slippery, so be careful with application!

Hello! We're pleased to hear about your positive experience with this lubricant. Silicone has the excellent property of being biologically inert and therefore great for people with skin sensitivities. Thanks for the review!

Wonderful, not too slippery for those who don't like to slip and slide too much. Great for handjobs!

Wonderful, not too slippery for those who don't like to slip and slide too much. Great for handjobs!

Game Changer

We got the pillow pack of this live and it was a total game changer for anal sex. Created a comfy almost pillowy texture that my partner and I both loved. It enhanced the experience both by decreasing discomfort and increasing pleasure. I can hardly wait to buy the big bottle when it’s not sold out!

Magically slick.

Switched from water based for use on Njoy steel toys because of the water based tending to dry out and get sticky. Not a problem with this lube. So smooth.
As mentioned above, the bottle can get a little slippery itself (the lube almost seems to wick itself up and out of the bottle even with the lid on). And be careful about spilling it on the floor of the shower...