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Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps

Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps

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A customer told us the original use for these Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps was to keep fabric taut when sewing. While we can't claim to know their effectiveness on cloth, we do know what they do to skin.

Non-adjustable, Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps are tight when you put them on and get tighter when you tug on the chain. We'd consider these a higher-intensity clamp, since these aren't adjustable like most other nipple clamps!

Butterfly clamps tend to work best when placed directly on the nipple, while other clamps like Spartacus Tweezer Nipple Clamps tend to work better when placed just behind the nipple. With a softer silicone pad inset, these clamps provide great hold and grip and don't risk coming loose during vigorous play.

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Specifications for Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps

  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 57g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
B.F. (British Columbia, Canada)
The best so far!

These are the best clamps I've found so far. They're a little snug and have medium-small tips so are a bit tricky if you have a small clamping surface. Since they're so snug they're much more secure than other varieties with coated tips and do not easily slip off. The silicone gripping surfaces are quite nice too. I'm actually picking up a second set for a travel bag.

V.F. (Ontario, Canada)

strong, sturdy, and I dig the aesthetic. I have the ones in black though!

M.C. (Quebec, Canada)

Intensively painful, for me… I love them.
I had to return the first pair as one of the clamp hardly had any pressure in it.
COME as you are promptly replaced the the defective pair with a new one.

H.B. (Ontario, Canada)
Really great if you want them to actually bite in

Definitely more intense than other clamps, but I think that's because they actually clamp! They stay on even if you tug a bit, and they flop around if the wearer is moving which makes it hurt a bit more. Probs not for beginners, but I always find the beginner ones just slip off at the wrong time anyways. A+ would clamp again

M.T. (British Columbia, Canada)
Hurts in a good way

I was a little intimidated at first but ended up a big fan of these. Definitely more painful than other clamps (but in a good way) and if you like these, they are much easier to use than the adjustable alligator clamps, in my experience. Experiment with leaving them on for very short periods at first, as they can hurt more when they're taken off as blood comes back.

Definitely more of a pinching feeling than you get with most clamps. Highly recommended!

Not for the faint of heart! I first tested these on a bit of my wrist skin that reacts similarly to my nipples, but because the skin is so thin there, these left a mark!

Definitely more of a pinching feeling than you get with most clamps, and perfect if you're looking for something a bit more intense than butterfly or tweezer clamps. Highly recommended!

Damn - they hurt!

If you have a masochistic tendencies, like my gentleman friend has, these are amazing. They hurt like a son of a gun and when you tug on the chain the sensation is incredibly intense. I’ve tried them myself and found them a bit much but they put my gentleman friend over the edge and that’s what counts to me! I’ve had some awesome sex since picking these up.

S. (Quebec, Canada)
They are really tight

Couldn't pinch the nipples directly, too intense, had to pinch behind the nipple, it helped my partner to reach a nice orgasm when tugging sligthly on the chain, but it was really painful for her once we removed them.

My boy friend bough me these for our anniversary. They are very tight!! And they do leave a mark!!

My boy friend bough me these for our anniversary. They are very tight!! And they do leave a mark!! But it makes your nipples very tender for DAYS! Sadly one of the plastic grippies is falling off on mine. I am debating trying to fix them myself or to get another pair.