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Nipple Clamps & Clips

From lightweight and adjustable to hardcore and hilarious, nipple clamps can cause a range of sensation and each type of clamp has its own level of pressure and kind of sensation.

Perfect for beginners and great for experts, these fully-adjustable tweezer style clamps work best when placed just behind the nipple, but can also produce intense stimulation when placed directly on the nipple! Stylish chain keeps your set together, looks great,... Read more

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Everyone's fave Spartacus nipple clamps also happen to be the most adjustable!  These fine alligator nipple (and other body part) clamps are perfect for beginners because they're so versatile, but there's lots to love here even if you're a clamp champ!... Read more

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We've fallen head over nipples for this fresh take on Spartacus' classic Alligator Clamps!  The rubber line gives these clamps a stylish and streamlined look, they keep your clamps quiet while in transit or use, and best of all, unlike... Read more

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Classic tweezer clamps all dressed up and ready for a night on the town! These clamps have no connecting chain, so you can put them anywhere!

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A customer told us the original use for these clamps was to keep fabric taut when sewing. While we can't claim to know their effectiveness on cloth, we do know what they do to skin. Non-adjustable, the butterfly clamps are... Read more

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Love a classic alligator clamp, but feel limited by the traditional two clamps on a chain design? Get unchained and go freestyle with Spartacus Leather Bully Ring Nipple Clamps. Whether you want to weigh them down, put them on a... Read more

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Make some noise tonight with these classic tweezer clamps!! Each clamp is attached to a charming bell - the more you move around, the louder they'll be!

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This is a sexy and simple high-sensation clamp by Spartacus. Similar to our Deluxe Brass Clamps or Butterfly Clamps in sensation, these feature a simple one-handed design and some serious strength! Enjoy all over the body! Non-adjustable design.

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