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Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle

Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle

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This sexy paddle from Sportsheets offers a lotta bang for your buck! This design features a flexible folded vegan material, offering a sensation somewhere delightfully in-between a crop and a folded belt. The overall length of this paddle is 17", the slapper length is 11" and the handle, which is reinforced with stainless steel, is 5.5".


Specifications for Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle

  • Vegan: Yes
  • Made of Polyurethane
  • Made in China
  • Weight: 126g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
L.E. (Alberta, Canada)
Exactly as I hoped!

From the pics, I thought this would be a delightfully smacky and sting-y impact toy, and it's exactly that. The loop design gives it a bit of heft for a firm (but not too firm) impact with a satisfyingly loud smack, and a really good balance between thud and sting. It feels good to hold, and it's very well-made; excellent value for the price, and I expect it to last a very long time. An unexpected bonus is that, though vegan, it has a very nice leather-like aroma!

F. (Quebec, Canada)
pretty tool to add to your gear

I am a begginer at impact play and I found it was a good beginner toy - its easy to handle, the grip is great, and the force of impact can be controlled easily. The sound is lovely, and it has a sweet texture and colour.

R.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Beginner Friendly

Definitely a great option for beginners. I’m rating 3 stars because I had hoped it would be a bit firmer and allow for more intense impact. It’s too light for my partner and I. However it is beautiful!

R.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Good for beginners

Beautiful paddle. Definitely suitable for beginners and a nice addition to your collection. I was expecting it to be a bit more firm but the impact is quite light.

J.S. (Ontario, Canada)
Looks good but kind of light on pressure

Bought this on a whim and definitely like the look but it's rather gentle to the touch when being used.

Would suggest it for more warm up play etc.