Is my sex toy absorbing lubricant? Where is my lube going?

Hi Nerds,

Me and my partner are looking for a new lube and we're not sure where to start. We have a Fuze Silicone Tango that we love, but it dries out really fast when we're playing with it. We've started to use it with a condom plus a LOT of water-based lube both inside and outside the condom but the Tango seems to absorb all of the lubricant causing a ton of friction. The condom *seems* to help but we feel like there might be a better option.

Is there a lube, or lube + condom combination that you would recommend?

We need something that's compatible with silicone and stainless steel toys - we have a lot of great stainless steel nJoy toys and a bunch of other silicone toys from Fuze that we're not willing to give up.

Is there a lube that would work for all use cases? If not, what do you think would be the best / most efficient combination? We aren't using the condoms for any safer sex reasons - just trying to keep the toy from absorbing the lube so things stay slipperier for longer!

Thanks for your help,
(not) Slippery when wet

Heya Slippery!

So, good news first! If you're not using the condom as a safer sex barrier, we'd definitely recommend ditching the condoms! They're just adding more friction to your play, and they're not really gonna help with the disappearing lube situation.

Any toy that's actually made of silicone - like the toys from Fuze Silicone - are non-porous and won't absorb anything. This is one of the thing that makes silicone such an ideal material for sex toys!

Typically, water-based lubricants stop being slippery because the water and other ingredients either evaporate into the air or they are absorbed into the body. As such, the vast majority of water-based lubes will dry out during lengthy or vigourous play.

We've long recommended keeping a squirt gun or spray bottle filled with water next to your bed (or other play areas!) that you can use to rehydrate your lube as you go, but there are some other options too.

Ironically, the longest lasting lubricants are made of silicone and of course, silicone lubes are not compatible with silicone toys (but you may want to pick one up to use with your metal toys!).

A good organic oil-based lube - like Yes OB - would be ideal in this situation. It is safe to use vaginally and anally, and it is totally compatible with both metal and silicone toys. Oil-based lubes are not compatible with condoms, and do beware non-organic oil-based lubes because they don't play well with vaginas sadly.

There are some suprisingly long lasting water-based lubes on the market that might work well for you! We find that the Hathor Sutil Rich and Hathor Sutil Luxe are awesome for longer lasting play, and the Sliquid Organics Oceanics contains seaweed for better longevity. FuckWater H20 is also super longlasting and worth a try.

Definitely consider picking up a lube sampler so you can try out a bunch of different options!

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