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Anal Beads

Anal beads offer stimulation like no other anal toy, providing wave after wave of pleasure as the beads are slowly and rhythmically inserted and then withdrawn. Anal beads often widen with each bead and as such, are an ideal sex toy for anyone new to anal play - you don't have to insert the entire length, and you can take things slow and steady until you find a girth that works for your body. Anal beads are incredibly versatile sex toys - you can wear them like a butt plug and keep them stationary during other forms of play, or you can extract them (with gusto!) at the moment of orgasm to create a whole new world of intense anal sensation!
Length: 8"
Width: 0.75"

These 10 beads are silicone coated and graduated, to provide slowly increasing sensation of fullness to the wearer. Equipped with a generous O ring, this is a great option for folks curious about anal play and looking for a toy... Read more

Regular price $10.00
Length: 4"
Width: 1"

Anal beads or butt plug? The Fuze Quattro is a bit of both! A truly multi-functional anal toy, not only is The Fuze Quattro made of silicone, but the handy-dandy base ring can serve as a handle or can hold... Read more

Regular price $24.00
Length: 4.25"
Width: 1"

Like it's younger sibling the Booty Beads, this anal toy is a coated silicone, and a great choice for those on a booty budget (heh). These graduated anal beads, while bendy, do have a nice firmness to them. This makes... Read more

Regular price $13.00
Length: 9"
Width: 1"
This versatile wand is even more fun than its name implies. Cast in beautiful stainless steel, the Fun Wand is more than just a fancy toy to work-out your PC muscles. This multi-function wand is great for solo-play or to... Read more
Regular price $94.00
Length: 5"
Width: 1.25"

The Fuze Triton is a true hybrid anal toy! Part butt plug, part anal beads - not only is The Fuze Triton made of silicone, but the handy-dandy base ring can serve as a handle or can hold your favourite... Read more

Regular price $33.00
Length: 6.5"
Width: 1.375"
Made of glorious smooth, soft and pliable silicone, these anal beads provide wave upon wave of anal pleasure and fun! Perfect for beginner anal play or anyone engaging in anal training - these beads get bigger as you go! Read more
Regular price $45.00
Length: 10"
Width: 1.75"
You know those paper towels where you tear off only as much as you need? This is kind of like that. But instead of cleaning up spills, you put them in your ass. Designed like a string of nesting plugs,... Read more
Regular price $72.00
Length: 7"
Width: 1.5"

There's nothing like the smoothness and intensity of glass. Perfect for solo or partner play, universally stimulating for g-spots and p-spots, and so very easy to clean! There's nothing cold about this Icicle - in fact, you can warm it... Read more

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