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Dimensions: 14" x 0.75"

Floggers that are super-cute, and warm the skin with a light touch. These unique floggers are made of soft falls and come in a variety of exciting colours to match any mood, outfit, or decor. This light-weight flogger is great...
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Dimensions: 22" x 1"
With generous and soft falls and a koosh-ball feel, this amazing affordable flogger is easy to clean (where your classic leather flogger is most definitely not) and surprisingly easy to use and control. Lovely for beginners, and delightfully wicked on...
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This Sportsheets restraint kit is a functional, inexpensive gateway to exploring the world of BDSM! It includes 4 wrist/ankle straps with 44” connector straps and a soft blindfold. The straps are adjustable for easy use, and, the whole kit is...
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Unleash your inner DIVA! With their sexy, practical, and made-in-the-USA strap-ons and sex toys, Sportsheets has always made extremely durable and comfortable gear and this Diva harness is no exception! With a wonderfully wide and padded strap for extra support...
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Well, the name doesn't leave a lot to the imagination. This machine-washable strap is designed to create greater leverage and momentum when having doggy-style (or doggie-style) sex. This position can sometimes feel a little straining & exhausting on our bodies,...
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Is your dungeon closed for repairs? Can't fit your Saint Andrew's cross in your new condo? No one will rent to you because you install bondage gear everywhere you go? The Sportsheets Door Jam Kit the ultimate no-hardware needed bondage...
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Finally, a sex swing! It took us long enough to carry this fun sex furniture by Sportsheets - thanks to their new & improved weight capacity, we're now stocking this playful sexploratory toy. Made of strong, comfortable construction, the seat,...
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This sexy BDSM tool is just the ticket to diversify restraint play without drilling holes in your walls! With clips at either end, this toy is easily useable with the wrist or ankle restraints of your choice. It also features...
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This versatile nylon under the bed restraint system sets up in mere minutes, offering a sexy world of restraint play with it's six connecting points, complete with welded nickle-free O-Rings. This bed bondage kit fits any size mattress or door, and travels...
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This sexy & plush purple corset-style fabric harness is an exciting offering from Sportsheets. This harness fits up to 60" hips, and, features space for a one-touch bullet (not included). The included 3 rubber O-rings accommodate dildos from 1" to...
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Strap it on and you are good to go! This great thigh harness provides a greater range of possible positions and a great solution for anyone who finds traditional harnesses difficult or painful to use. Made of Neoprene, this harness...
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Dimensions: 23.5" x 1.5"
This vegan crop by Sportsheets is a fun & playful way to explore impact play. Featuring a vegan leather looped head, ribbon braided shaft, and, a 23.5" overall length, we're delighted to offer this hot riding crop from Sportsheets!
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Add a little sensuality to your sex life this winter! These feathers won't keep you warm, but they'll sure heat things up! Perfect for sensation play, sensory deprivation, tickleplay, and all kinds of edging and teasing play.

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Generally we tend to write our own descriptions for the sex toys we offer - but, the description that Sportsheets wrote is too fabulous to not share. Please enjoy:

Crimson velveteen tails cascade delicately onto your lovers tepid flesh, gradually bringing their...
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This vegan flogger by Sportsheets is a great way to explore sensation play and BDSM affordably! Featuring falls that are 13.5", and, a 6" handle, the overall length of this flogger is 20". Made with vinyl, this flogger is easy...
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This sexy paddle from Sportsheets offers a lotta bang for your buck! This design features a flexible folded vegan material, offering a sensation somewhere delightfully in-between a crop and a folded belt. The overall length of this paddle is 17", the...
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Dimensions: 0.75" x 0.75"

Our heaviest and smallest kegel balls to really challenge those pelvic floor muscles! These slim 3/4" balls are made of sleek stainless steel. 

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These affordable but sturdy tethers are the perfect starting point in your BDSM adventure! With 45" of nylon strap at your disposal, these tethers will help you attach almost anyone to anything, but they work especially well with bedposts, chairs,...
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This extraordinarily affordable, durable, and comprehensive bondage kit contains absolutely everything you need to hit the ground running! This well-made kit will last and last, and because it will work with any restraint with a D or O ring, it...
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With its durable nylon straps and easy-to-clean, waterproof velvet base, Sportsheets' Velvet Vibrating Harness should be the official harness of down-and-dirty sex. The Velvet Harness comes complete with a mini vibe to help stimulate both the wearer and the dildo....
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These wrist restraints are great for folks curious about restraint play, but don't want to spend a lot of money to start (another option would be our Bondage Tape!). Vegan, with a foam under and nylon strap, these adjustable restraints...
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