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Dimensions: 8" x 0.75"

These 10 beads are silicone coated and graduated, to provide slowly increasing sensation of fullness to the wearer. Equipped with a generous O ring, this is a great option for folks curious about anal play and looking for a toy...
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Dimensions: 8" x 1"
Affectionally referred to as the "honey dipper" wand, this acrylic wand is designed to be a little narrower and longer, to better reach into those hard-to-get-to areas. Designed to be anal-friendly, thanks to the ridged end that can be utilized...
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Regular price $73.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 8" x 0.875"

Pelvic health practitioners and g-spot / prostate lovers, gather round! Like the Magic Wand Original, sometimes the good things in life really don't need to be improved upon! This product has an overall length of 10 inches, and is made...
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Dimensions: 8" x 1.625"

Like a giant, juicy, glistening icicle... But that looks like a penis, is compatible for anal play, and won't give you frostbite! Textured, and with a realistic design, this toy packs some serious heft!

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Dimensions: 8" x 1.5"
Vixen has released this toy to satisfy the many requests for a realistic and slim anal / pegging friendly design! Featuring their infamous VixSkin dual density silicone, this toy has gorgeous length, without getting too thick. Perfect for whomever is...
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