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Aslan Leather Jaguar Cherry Harness

Aslan Leather Jaguar Cherry Harness

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The classic Aslan Leather Jaguar harness comes in a colour and style to fit everyone's fancy. Heat things up with the Aslan Leather Jaguar Cherry two-strap harness in sexy Cherry red. Nickel-plated D-rings on the leg straps make for a good fit and comfortable wear. 

Medium fits hips/waist approximately 29"- 45"
Large fits hips/waist approximately 32" - 52"

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Specifications for Aslan Leather Jaguar Cherry Harness

  • Made of Leather
  • Made in Canada
  • Ring Diameter: 2"
  • Weight: 200g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
k.b. (Ontario, Canada)
Red Leather 4ever

This harness is so beautiful, it looks good on so many skin tones, genders, and sizes. It made me feel so sexy. Extremely well made, would encourage everyone to try it out!

F.A.a. (British Columbia, Canada)
So comfyyyyy!

Super comfy and soft. I love it. One of my favourite leather workers, and definitely my favourite strap on.

L.V. (Illinois, United States)
The good ones

This harness are beautiful and they looks with good way made thanks x the good harness

A.C. (Quebec, Canada)
Very nice harness

Such un pretty colour !

R. (Ontario, Canada)
Love it!

So much more comfortable than I expected - this was a huge upgrade for me and very much worth the price. The colour is not super red, it’s more of a kind of dark red/brown tone. I love it, it feels very sexy and yet is much more wearable than my old (cheap) harness.

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Extremely Comfortable

This harness is very well made and extremely comfortable to wear. It's also such a pretty colour. I'm really glad I decided to purchase it.

T. (Ontario, Canada)
All I am is happy.

Buying this was my first upgrade from a pair of underwear with a ring holder sewn into them. I didn't realize at first how good it would be for my confidence to finally have a harness that fit right and felt right, but it's been...absolutely phenomenal. While I'm still working out the kinks of using it properly (first harness! Oof, that learning curve), I'm feeling better about how I look in bed and how I *do* in bed. Gender euphoria!

Now we just need to get one for my partner so that I can keep this one to myself!

Great design and quality materials.

Great design and quality materials. Fits nicely with no issues.

I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet and dropped money on this.

I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet and dropped money on this. I have the minimalist nylon harness and it's good, but the extra padding on this one keeps everything in place.