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Vixen Creations Outlaw Vixskin

Vixen Creations Outlaw Vixskin

Dimensions: 8.5" x 2"

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Can't get enough of Vixen's signature soft silicone? Us neither! The Vixen Outlaw is almost nine full inches of Vixskin dual-density silicone complete with realistic balls and a (barely) harness compatible design. Outlaw will fit in any harness we stock, but use caution when inserting and removing the Outlaw from the harness (it is girthy and prone to getting caught on rough edges). This is the second biggest, baddest Vixen dildo to date (only beat by the Gambler) and we just can't get enough.
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Specifications for Vixen Creations Outlaw Vixskin

  • Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Soft

  • Made of Silicone
  • Made in USA
  • Insertable Dimensions: 8.5" x 2"
  • Weight: 625g
  • Phthalate-free: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
  • Harness Compatible: Yes
  • Anal Compatible: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
D.V. (Quebec, Canada)

Very life like, hits all the right places. Definitely as big as it seems

J.M. (Ontario, Canada)
My other toys barely leave the pleasure chest anymore

I got this a few months ago and it instantly became and remains my favourite. It is a quality toy made from excellent dual-density silicone. The head is squishier than the shaft. You can squeeze the shaft and feel the soft outer layer over the firm but flexible core. Out of the clamshell it feels a little tacky to the touch, but once it's lubed up the texture is smooth and closer to skin than other silicone dildos I have. It fits in a 2" strap-on ring but it's very snug. The base is fairly easy to maintain a grip on and while there's no suction cup it's got enough weight to ride on the bed or the floor.

The Outlaw is my quickest ticket to a hands-free prostate orgasm. It just feels great. Very easy to clean. Using the Outlaw led to getting the Gambler as well, which is its own kind of fun but requires more warming up, so the Outlaw is still my #1.

It needs to be stored standing upright. So far the original packaging is the best thing I've found to store it in. Instead of a tube like other Vixen dildos it came in a plastic clamshell container that has thick plastic but probably won't last as long as the toy.

It is expensive but an excellent value in my opinion. So much fun!

C.S. (Alberta, Canada)

This one's a biggie, but Vixskin kills it. Incredibly soft and the texture is great, but still with a firm core.

D. (Quebec, Canada)
Worth it

The Outlaw is a great looking and feeling dildo. My wife likes the feel and the size is perfect for her. Don’t forget the lube. When checking for body safe toys Vixskin is always mentioned as one of the best. It is expensive but well worth the price and CAYA sells it well below other sites. Highly recommended.

N.L. (Ontario, Canada)
Recommended & received

Tried this at an orgy and had to get one myself. Star of the night

S.T. (British Columbia, Canada)
Looks a bit scary, but it’s truly amazing.

I wanted to try something with more girth… my favourite dildo was 1.75” at the widest part, but not everywhere, and I felt like I would enjoy a bit more. So I ordered this. Until it came I was wondering if it wouldn’t be enough of a change to make a difference… and then it arrived.

My first response was feeling both intimidated and turned on. This thing looks HUGE, in length and girth. But it also felt pretty squishy and that was intriguing. So I tried it, and let’s just say I’m glad the folks in the next door condo are deaf. It doesn’t been to be pointed at any particular spot because it hits them all at once. And it feels strangely real (apart from the… aspirational size).

For me it doesn’t need any unusual prep to be able to handle the width. It’s also quite straight, no curve, and fairly understated head and veins. I haven’t used anything like all the length thus far, though I haven’t had a long session with it so maybe someday. But it doesn’t matter. Unless you don’t like too much girth I HIGHLY recommend this… obvious quality, and fits like it was made for you (or me, anyway). This thing is my new best friend and we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.

S. (Ontario, Canada)
An excellent toy

This has wonderful girth, give, and fullness. Highly recommended :)

A. (British Columbia, Canada)
Takes a Minute...

It takes a few dips of the head to really get used to this, but it feels amazing with a little TLC and tons of lube. My partner loves how it looks when he uses it on me, too.

Just great!

Vixen makes some incredible stuff! Started with Bandit —barely had time to get acquainted before Outlaw was necessarily added to the roster. Gotta try the Gambler now, but Outlaw will probably remain the gold standard in terms of proportion and design.