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While we are huge fans of what’s new in sex toy manufacturing and love the explosion of quality products and attentive service we’re seeing from the newest generation of sex toy makers, we also have respect for our elders, and don’t want anyone to forget about those companies that have always cared about quality, even when it seemed like no one else did. Vibratex is one of those companies.

Vibratex is probably the oldest, and certainly the biggest importer of Japanese vibrators into the U.S. and Canada. They were the first company to bring the dual action “rabbit style” vibrator to North America. Based in California, the owners of Vibratex have travelled back and forth to Japan for over twenty five years, bringing customer desires and concerns directly to manufacturers and cultivating relationships with factories where they make sex toys with pride.

Vibratex was started by someone who was also a retailer, and at the time sex toys were marketed almost exclusively to straight men for use by their girlfriends and wives. Because the women were largely absent from the commercial part of the transation, their bodies and desires were also missing from the equation. The result is that most toys weren’t made with any knowledge of how women actually used sex toys. They were oversized, focused on penetration (as opposed to clitoral stimulation) and smelly!

Vibratex began advocating for cleaner materials, safer designs, and most importantly, sex toys that worked the way men and women wanted them to work. They may have been the first big distributor to play this role, and for years they toiled away building a small but loyal fan base among retailers. Thanks in large part to Sex in the City’s embracing of two of Vibratex’s most popular products, the Rabbit Habit and the Hitachi Magic Wand, Vibratex is booming, and the company name is becoming synonymous with quality and customer service.

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