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Getting into strap on sex has never been so easy! Designed with comfort and pleasure in mind the Undie is ASLAN's newest multifunctional harness. Slip it on and adjust the leg straps to fit your shape. You can wear it...
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Bring some sexy into your safer sex routine with a box of black latex gloves. Powder-free and available in small, medium and large. Box of 100 gloves. Made of latex.
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Bring some sexy into your safer sex routine with a pair of Black Dragon Nitrile gloves. Powder-free and available in small, medium and large. Latex-free.
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Finding clothing that is sexy and supportive is no easy task. Doubly so when we're talking lingerie. This Canadian made thong-style gaff has been made out of lycra with a wider front to provide extra coverage and support for all...
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These one-use latex finger cots are now available in three sizes - small, medium and large. Each bag contains 10 powder-free finger cots. Made of latex. Made of phthalate-free latex.
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This harness has been designed by Form Function to work with their wearable STP devices - the Model A and Model D Sport. A simple vinyl panel securely holds the packer up against the genital area to ensure it stays...
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When spit and courage are not enough, get your hands on this limited edition FuckWater t-shirt!

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Sea Pearls are completely natural sea sponges that come from the ocean. Sea Pearls are: soft, & durable, a naturally renewable resource, sustainably harvested, free of chemicals / bleach / chlorine / fragrance / dyes or synthetic materials, reusable for 3-6...
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This collar made by Toronto's indie kink darlings L'Amour-Propre is perfectly precious. Featuring multiple sizes and colours, and made with a 4oz full grain leather, this non-locking handmade collar is perfect for telling your sweetie exactly how you feel about them.

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Sometimes women, trans folks, and femme of centre people will use breast pump cylinders in conjunction with hormones to change the size and shape of the breast. Pumping regularly (e.g. 1/2 hour a...
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Get all of the glamour of LA right here in Canada with pumps and cylinders from LA Pumps! This specialized vulva pump (sometimes known as a 'pussy pump') can be used on whatever part of the body you wish to...
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Finger cots now available at Come As You Are in boxes of 144. Finger cots are powder-free and available in small and medium sizes. Made of latex.
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NYTC has now released their own packing strap, and, we couldn’t be happier with it! Not only does it perfectly hold their Sam STP in place, but, it’s a simple design that can be easily used to hold many other...
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Oof, we're in love with this packing strap! Or, should we say harness? This bad boy does it all! This product features a simple & stretchy jock-strap design, with two installed pouches that can accommodate a Packer Gear Jock Strap

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This t-shirt is designed & printed in Toronto by a collective of local artists who work to make space for marginalized people and multifaceted identities. This beautiful gold print was designed by Sade Petlele, and is hand printed in Toronto...
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Dimensions: 4.5" x 0.875"

Holy Moly, this is a charming introductory harness kit! The harness is machine washable, and, made with a nice stretchy material, making the sizing more accessible than most underwear-style harnesses. The O-ring can hold dildos up to 1.5" in diameter....
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For the times when you wish you could just go commando, but still need somewhere to put your packer, SpareParts' Pete Commando Harness is sure to do the trick! With an elastic loop on the inside of the packer pouch...
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Get packing with SpareParts Pete Trunks! These magic underwear fit beautifully under clothes, keep your packer securely in-place, and are as comfortable as your favourite underwear. The Pete Trunks keep your packer quite front-and-center (so if you prefer to lean...
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We've been searching for the perfect underwear harness since we first opened our doors back in the nineties, but until SpareParts launched the Tomboi and Sasha harnesses, we were skeptical that such a thing could even exist. Ever the perfectionists,...
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We're going to be totally honest with you here: the SpareParts Tomboii has so much going on that there's simply no way to do justice to it in a web description, but we'll try. If you know us at all,...
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The Concealer binder is a winner because it can be worn as a stand-alone piece of clothing. No need to pile on those layers in the summer! A thick cotton undershirt-style shirt sits over two binding layers of spandex &...
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Similar in design to the Tri-Top, this binder falls to about the belly-button area, and features the same basic shape and feel. It is made with one layer of a sturdy binding nylon/spandex material, and one layer of a poly/cotton...
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We're in love with this affordable binder made in the USA by the fine folks at Underworks! The shell of this compression shirt is comprised of a single layer of medical-grade 70% nylon and 30% spandex compression material for firm,...
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Designed for folks looking to add junk to their trunks & other lower body parts, these have been receiving rave reviews for their quality and effectiveness. Designed with a long leg and extremely...
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Not only does Underworks make binders for FTM, trans, and genderqueer folks looking to change the line of their chests, but they also make binding swimwear, which after many requests we've decided to pick up for beach season! This swim...
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This binder is a great option for folks (such as trans men, FTMs, gender queer people, and more!) looking for a sturdy binder, as well as a full range of motion. It binds down to the bellybutton, giving awesome chest...
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Of all the Underworks Chest Binders we carry, the Ultimate binder is, well, pretty ultimate. It is a full length binder made of two layers of nylon & spandex that binds all the way down to the hip- meaning not...
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These wrist restraints are designed to appear as as a leather bracelet, but easily whip into a pair of attached restraints whenever the need arises! Made with an extremely comfortable saddle leather, and held together with sturdy snaps, these restraints...
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